Why Clearview Baitwell Filters?

Our unique baitwell filter keeps the drain tube in your bait well free of clogs. It moves the water from the bottom of your bait well to ensure good water movement.

All metal parts are stainless steel; the clear plastic provides a good view of the water flowing into the top of the drain tube. The Clearview Baitwell Filter comes in a 12-inch length.

If you are worried about putting fish in your baitwell, we recommend a screw-in type standing tube.  Yes, threaded standing tubes will work in a non-threaded female fitting.  Just press and twist it into the fitting. 

Major Benefits and Innovations:

  1. Keeps the drain tube in your bait well free of clogs, even with algae/slime.
  2. Helps circulate the water from the bottom of your bait well.
  3. Provides a good view of water flow through its clear plastic design.
  4. Allows the drain tube screen cap to be removed for better water drainage.
  5. One 12" filter fits all 1-5/8" standing tubes.
  6. Is made of stainless steel hardware that allows for easy installation and removal.
  7. Has 1/4" filter holes which allow algae/slime to pass through the holes and drain system, while keeping out the larger weeds. (The screen cap must be removed in heavy algae/slime conditions.)
  8. Has a plastic end cap that can easily be removed for cleaning the top of the drain tube.


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