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Browse our selection of Clearview Filters and Support Stands. (Note: Longer 18" standing tubes that are plunger, push-in type may require a XL support stand. Threaded standing tubes usually require no support.)

Filter - Regular Size

The standard Clearview Baitwell Filter for standing drain tubes under 12 inches in length. Price: $24.95 Contact Us and Order Today!

Support Stand - Regular Size

Works with the regular size Clearview Filters for 12" and under standing tubes. This model also comes in a design to adapt to standing tubes that are positi... More >

Package - Regular Size Filter & Stand

Purchase the regular size filter and support stand together and save. Included: Regular Size 12" Clearview Baitwell Filter and Regular Support Stand. Price: $... More >

Filter - Extra Large

Our Extra Large Filter kit includes our standard 12" filter plus an adapter that allows the filter to be used on any length standing tube. Price: $34.95 Conta... More >

Support Stand - Extra Large

Works with the Extra Large Clearview Filter model. It includes a special fitting to mount to the standing tube. It also can be positioned very close to the side ... More >

Package - Extra Large Filter & Stand

Purchase the extra large filter and support stand together and save. Included: Extra Large Clearview Baitwell Filter and Extra Large Support Stand (with Adapter). ... More >

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